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Resilience is the memoir of Betty Ann Connelly, a flight attendant who, for over 28 years, enjoyed dinners in Paris, the symphony in Vienna and shopping in Hong Kong.  Betty retired from flying in 2003 and started her own consulting business, giving workshops to private corporations, governments and non-profits.  And for fun, she performed stand-up comedy at a club in Calgary.  But everything changed in 2007 when a car crash left her with a traumatic brain injury, and long buried memories of a traumatic past surfaced.  This is the story of her escape from the haunting darkness of trauma, and the freedom, peace and joy that come from letting go.  It is the story of Betty’s intensive encounter with A Course in Miracles, a non-denominational self-study spiritual program, which teaches her how to shift her perceptions, leading to a metamorphosis of someone broken and devastated by seemingly insurmountable traumas to healing on her journey of self-discovery and acceptance.  Resilience is ultimately a story of joy, forgiveness, love and grace.


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Betty Ann Connelly travelled the world for over 28 years as a flight attendant.  She also volunteered with the Canadian Red Cross for five years, teaching violence prevention in schools and to community groups.

    After retiring from flying in 2003, Betty started her own consulting business, giving workshops to private corporations, governments and non-profits.  She also enjoyed performing stand-up comedy at a club in Calgary.

    Her life suddenly changed in 2007 when a car accident resulted in a traumatic brain injury.  The experience revived long buried memories of a traumatic past that required all her courage to face, memories that have now become Resilience:  My Life of Flight, Fear and Forgiveness. 

    Betty lives in Calgary, AB, Canada, where she loves to walk the many hiking trails.


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A Testament to the Healing Power of A Course in Miracles


“Betty, I just finished your book and am in awe of your courage, bravery, passion and never-ending quest in always choosing love on your path.  Your gift for storytelling is so deeply inviting that it was hard to put down.  Through so many trials and tribulations.  It is a true tale of the power of the human spirit, this memoir is forever indelible in my heart and mind and is a story that the world needs to hear!”

Lisa Wynn Salvatore, Certified and Licensed Wellness Mentor, CT, USA

“Betty, your manuscript arrived today and I can’t put it down. I cannot stop reading this story of survival and blooming of the woman who shines such an incredible light. Thank you for this treasure. In awe and admiration for a journey of fortitude and triumph,”

Gail LeBauer, NC, USA

“Betty, your story provides such strength.  You are an amazing woman to have lived the life you have lived, so far and I know there is more to come.  Your resilience is inspirational.”

Mary Sue Rabe, TX, USA, author of Stand There and Look Pretty Darlin’, Don’t You Worry Your Pretty Little Head About Nothin’

“This aptly named memoir is grace and courage personified.  Resilience:  My Life of Flight, Fear and Forgiveness is an inspiring reminder that when we view the larger story of our life, the challenges we face come again and again as we learn the lessons we were meant to experience.  Throughout, I was rooting for Betty to love and stand up for herself and find the helpers who would lead her to the right next step.  She shares courageous lessons of forgiveness and love in the most inspiring ways.  Perhaps one of the most noteworthy is Betty’s persistence in continuing to fight to write even when faced with tremendously daunting obstacles.  This is a book to treasure; a gift to the world.” 

Jane Ramsey, CA, USA, author of Vision Quest:  A Journey to Happiness.

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